Fuel Conversion of MSW: Creating energy from waste

We, as a technology based consultancy firm, have the capacity to provide complete technical solution for the environmental restoration and municipal solid waste problems anywhere in the World.

The world is calling for a sustainable solution for the climate change and running behind new methods to reduce the fossil fuel consumption and carbon emission to the atmosphere. Technologies have been discovered a long ago in the developed countries for producing Energy from Municipal Solid Waste as a solution towards waste problem and to save the environment for future generations.

Plant Process

One Actual Establishment System Flow

Our services include the full range of technical advisory / owner’s engineering / EPCM services which are required to plan, manage and implement a project, inter alia:

  • Waste strategy development
  • Technical due diligence of projects and technologies
  • Project Feasibility studies
  • Conceptual design and layout
  • Risk and opportunity assessment
  • Financial Structuring of existing and new projects
  • Technology assessments (including incineration, gasification, pyrolysis, etc.)
  • Preparation of technical specifications and tender documents
  • Project structuring and procurement planning
  • Evaluation of proposals, negotiations and contract closure
  • Supervision and inspection during design, construction and commissioning
  • Waste to Energy Turnkey Solutions
  • Evaluation of Failed Projects
  • Bring Debt and equity investment
  • Waste Pre-treatment Facility
  • Geo Technical Investigation
  • Biogas and Effluent Treatment Facility
  • Contract management
  • Site management and O&M Service

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